Snow Plow Vendor

The Woodlands of West Bloomfield HOA has awarded the snow plow contract to:

DZI Maintenance INC

(248) 618-7100

West Bloomfield, MI 48323

DZI has offered a discounted price to our homeowners for the 2016/2017 season.  They are offering a contract rate of $210 for up to 10 snow plows during the season.  If you make the full payment in advance they will offer a $10 discount as well.  Call Tim or Julie at DZI for more information.

A common compliant from homeowners has always been that when a snow plow truck cleans the streets it pushes snow back into the entranceways of the homeowners driveways.  Some of this was due to issues with a previous vendor which is why the contract was awarded to someone else this year.  However, due to the nature of removing snow this will probably occur at some level.  Using the same vendor for your driveway as the roads helps as they typically clear the roads first and then go back and clear the driveway.

Homeowners must insure that the trees by the road in the front of the property are trimmed and branches are at least 8 feet high.  Currently there are many trees throughout the subdivision that need to be trimmed before the upcoming snow season.  The snow plow trucks will not plow the streets under branches that are too low.  If this occur the road becomes very narrow and will cause additional issues in our neighborhood.

Please ensure your trees are trimmed and you remove all vehicles from the streets when it snows so that our streets can be properly maintained.

Annual Directory

It is that time of year again in which we are gathering information to post in our annual directory.

If you had your name spelled wrong, incorrect phone number, or other error in last years directory please email the correction so that it can be fixed in this years version.  Unlisted phone numbers will be the same as last year unless you contact us to indicate a change.

Also we are looking for any services that neighbors provide such as babysitting, pet walking, or other helpful services.  We would love to post your name and phone number as a reference for everyone to use.

If you have a business and would like to advertise please also contact the email above and we can connect you with the company that is putting together our directory for you to place your Ad.


Unpaid Dues

Our annual HOA dues are always due by March 1st every year in order to avoid a $75.00 late fee.  If these dues are not paid by September 1st the late fee increases to $150.00 charge.  As of right now I have the following houses with an outstanding balance:

  • 1586 Sugar Maple
  • 1591 Sugar Maple
  • 4926 Cherry Blossom
  • 5018 Cherry Blossom

I have made multiple attempts at trying to contact these homeowners.  If payment is not received by September 1st the late fee increases to $150.00 and can not be waived as well as a lien will be placed on the property and all costs of the lien and the removal will be charged on the account as well.

Please email if you are the owner of one of the above properties to address this outstanding balance.


Rizzo Red Recycling Carts

The following notice was sent from Rizzo Trash Service – all homeowners in West Bloomfield can receive a 64 gallon red recycling cart.  Rizzo will deliver one red recycling cart to each home upon request.



Homeowners who have not yet received a red 64-gallon recycling cart from Rizzo Environmental Services can acquire one by calling the company’s customer service line at


To date, more than 6,500 recycling carts have been delivered to more than one-third of the homes within the 5.1 square mile community by the city’s new refuse/recycling hauler. Those who have already received a recycling cart can keep their green 12-gallon recycling bins used under the city’s former waste hauler. Homeowners who have not yet received a 64-gallon recycling cart can continue to use their green 12-gallon bins until the new cart is delivered. “Rizzo Environmental Services delivered more than 13,500 green 96-gallon refuse carts without issue during the first phase of the new contract,” said City Manager Steve Duchane. “Now that those have been delivered, the new recycling carts are being dropped off upon request to homes as soon as possible.” Under the new five-year contract with Rizzo Environmental Services, homeowners are saving approximately one dollar per month in refuse/recycling costs.