Uptown Snow Removal

As part of your annual association dues the HOA contracts out snow removal on our streets throughout our subdivision.  The 2013/2014 snow contract was awarded to Uptown Lawn and Snow.  Uptown offers reasonable rates for our homeowners that would like to contract them out to remove snow from driveways.  If you would be interested in having Uptown remove snow from your driveway please contact Nathan at (248) 390-4682.  For a standard driveways in our Woodlands subdivision he charges $150 per season.  If you and a neighbor sign-up together he will offer both of you a contract price of $125 for the season.

As always if you notice any part of our subdivision streets that are not plowed properly please contact one of the Board members.  We will notify the vendor and address the situation.  This vendor will also be adding sand to our front entranceway and will be shoveling the area around each of the mailbox units.

shoveling snow