Parking Issues

Please be courteous of your neighbors and only park on one side of the street.  The Board has received numerous complaints in regards to cars parked on the street.  A common complaint is at Mountain Ash between Bloomfield Oaks and Sugar Maple.

If emergency vehicles can not pass your vehicle will be moved at the owners cost.  In addition, the police will ticket both vehicles if parked on each side of the street making it difficult to pass safely.

2014 Unpaid Dues

As of today we have 18 unpaid homes for our annual dues.  If your address is listed below please send $475.00 payment to Woodlands of West Bloomfield HOA, PO Box 1030, Union Lake, MI  48387 or request a link to pay online through PayPal.  Email for a link or if you have any questions.

1586 Sugar Maple Way

1595 Sugar Maple Way

1757 Mountain Ash Drive

1761 Mountain Ash Drive

1793 Alder Drive

1800 Alder Drive

1890 Bloomfield Oaks Drive

1900 Bloomfield Oaks Drive

1948 Bloomfield Oaks Drive

1956 Bloomfield Oaks Drive

1980 Bloomfield Oaks Drive

1989 Bloomfield Oaks Drive

4927 Cherry Blossom Circle

4963 Cherry Blossom Circle

4980 Crabapple Court

4985 Crabapple Court

5031 Cherry Blossom Circle

5047 Cherry Blossom Circle