Subdivision Garage Sale (June 28th – 29th)

Woodlands of West Bloomfield will host a Subdivision Garage Sale on June 28th and June 29th.  The Association advertise the subdivision sale in the paper on behalf of our homeowners and will post signs at the front of the sub on the dates of the sale.  If you are interested please contact Christine via email at by June 11th so that we can have an idea of how many homes are participating in this event.

All homeowners are responsible for obtaining a permit as required by the West Bloomfield Township.  Homeowners can be fined by the township directly if a permit is not obtained.  Homes in the township are limited to only having two permits per year.  The permits are $5.00 which includes a sign for the homeowner (upgrade for a second sign for only $1.00 more).  Please note the township does not provide posts for the signs so you will have to add that yourself.

One thought on “Subdivision Garage Sale (June 28th – 29th)

  1. Hello everyone Christine Kratkiewicz here,

    I wanted to tell everyone that I will be going to the city to get my own permit on Monday the 23rd and if you’d like me to get your permit for you, I can do that. Just bring $5.00 in an envelope with your name and address to my house by the 22nd of June – 1932 Bloomfield Oaks Drive. Don’t worry about how many people are participating, the advertising will say Subdivision Sale and they won’t know how many of are joining in. Just so you know, currently I have about 5 people. We’d love to have more. I wanted to give everyone a couple tips. Here are some things I learned after the last sale we had. I recommend just cutting up some paper and pricing things with that and some scotch tape with the edge turned over, that way it pulls off easily. Those special stickers from the store are so hard to take off and you have to pay for them. Also put a short description of the item with the price because we had people trying to switch the stickers. An example would be, green vase – $2.00 or yellow blouse – $1.00. Okay, that’s all I can think of right now. Thanks!

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