2015 HOA dues

Just a friendly reminder that the 2015 HOA dues is $650.00 and is due on or before this Sunday March 1, 2015.  Payments received after that date will incur late charges.

You can mail your payment to our PO box or pay online through PayPal.  Please email woodlandsofwestbloomfield@gmail.com if you need a PayPal link resent to you.

Payments can be mailed to :

Woodlands Homeowners Association

P.O. Box 1030

Union Lake, MI  48387

For homeowners that may be having current hardship and may need assistance spreading out the payments over a few months please make arrangements before the due date to avoid any interest and late fees.  All payment arrangements made in advance will not incur additional fees as long as the payments are made within the agreed upon terms.  To make payment arrangements please email the association at woodlandsofwestbloomfield@gmail.com or call 248-953-7279.


3 thoughts on “2015 HOA dues

  1. Does anyone else think that the lawn service is not doing a very good job so far this year?
    They didn’t even cut all the common ground last week. When they do it’s not very professional like we are used to.
    I think the board needs to contact them. There was no weather reason to not complete the common ground last week.

    • Hi Gary – they actually were out last week and did not skip a week to my knowledge. I do know personally we had to mow our yard twice this past week because of all of the rain and fertilization we applied. For the common areas they have received two of the six scheduled fertilization applications already this season so that might be contributing to the longer grass as well. I believe they cut on Wednesday so please contact us if the area you are referring to is not mowed timely. We alway address any issues with our vendors immediately and would never want an area not maintained properly. I am curious which area you believe was not mowed. I would like to look at it as well.

  2. I just drove around the entire sub. The good news is that I can tell it was mowed last week. You can also tell our test areas on the weed control and fertilization that we did last year in the front of the sub and in the common area on Bloomfield Oaks was worth the investment as those areas look great. What I did see is the common areas along Cherry Blossom and the other areas that did not receive any applications last year have very long dandelions. The good news is that we are applying the weed control and fertilization to all of the common areas this year so hopefully we will see the results in the future. But you can definitely tell the grass is shorter than the weeds so I know that it was mowed. I also spoke with the vendor tonight and confirmed they do come out on Wednesday’s each week.

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