Rizzo Red Recycling Carts

The following notice was sent from Rizzo Trash Service – all homeowners in West Bloomfield can receive a 64 gallon red recycling cart.  Rizzo will deliver one red recycling cart to each home upon request.



Homeowners who have not yet received a red 64-gallon recycling cart from Rizzo Environmental Services can acquire one by calling the company’s customer service line at


To date, more than 6,500 recycling carts have been delivered to more than one-third of the homes within the 5.1 square mile community by the city’s new refuse/recycling hauler. Those who have already received a recycling cart can keep their green 12-gallon recycling bins used under the city’s former waste hauler. Homeowners who have not yet received a 64-gallon recycling cart can continue to use their green 12-gallon bins until the new cart is delivered. “Rizzo Environmental Services delivered more than 13,500 green 96-gallon refuse carts without issue during the first phase of the new contract,” said City Manager Steve Duchane. “Now that those have been delivered, the new recycling carts are being dropped off upon request to homes as soon as possible.” Under the new five-year contract with Rizzo Environmental Services, homeowners are saving approximately one dollar per month in refuse/recycling costs.