Unpaid Dues

Our annual HOA dues are always due by March 1st every year in order to avoid a $75.00 late fee.  If these dues are not paid by September 1st the late fee increases to $150.00 charge.  As of right now I have the following houses with an outstanding balance:

  • 1586 Sugar Maple
  • 1591 Sugar Maple
  • 4926 Cherry Blossom
  • 5018 Cherry Blossom

I have made multiple attempts at trying to contact these homeowners.  If payment is not received by September 1st the late fee increases to $150.00 and can not be waived as well as a lien will be placed on the property and all costs of the lien and the removal will be charged on the account as well.

Please email woodlandsofwestbloomfield@gmail.com if you are the owner of one of the above properties to address this outstanding balance.